Baseball, Beaches and Crab Legs

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FRIDAY, JANUARY 16, 2015 AT 4:43 PM


Boarded plane waiting to take off! Just enough time for a quick picture. Triple Crown Winter Nationals here we come!

FRIDAY, JANUARY 16, 2015 AT 5:32 PM


We have been flying for about an hour and continue to hit turbulence. Not enjoying this flight at all.

JFRIDAY, JANUARY 16, 2015 AT 5:45 PM


Thank God once the pilot got us to a higher altitude the turbulence subsided. The rest of the flight was smooth and a lot less stressful.The view of the sunset from the plane was breathtaking. As usual on descent my ears, the right in particular, caused me great pain. Ever since I ruptured my ear drum about 20 years ago I cannot fly without this horrible pain in descent. 

Upon arrival at the hotel we met the coach and some of the players. Turned out they are staying at the same hotel as we are. After checking in, we ran to Walmart for snacks, picked up a pizza and wings at Pizza Hut and headed back to the room to unpack, eat and relax.



Spent most of the day relaxing in the room. Once we get to the
fields, the team is warms up. Our first game is at 3:00 pm.



Belky and Elsa came to watch Marc play. Had a nice time talking
about the old times and catching up. They stuck around for the first
and part of the second game.

The team won the first two games. Marc looks good in the field, did
well pitching but his hitting is lacking today.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 17, 2015 AT 10:09 PM


Playing third game and currently losing. Marc is warming up to
pitch. God please guide his arm.

MONDAY, JANUARY 19, 2015 AT 4:00 PM


Marc’s first time at Clearwater Beach.

MONDAY, JANUARY 19, 2015 AT 4:01 PM


Spent the afternoon at Clearwater Beach.

MONDAY, JANUARY 19, 2015 AT 5:30 PM


Warm weather, beach, family, crab legs and Tecate at Frenchy’s…life
doesn’t get better than this.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 20, 2015 AT 12:05 PM


Arrived early at Tampa International Airport, we have a few hours to

TUESDAY, JANUARY 20, 2015 AT 1:08 PM


After an hour and a half of sitting/walking around the airport I am in
desperate need of caffeine.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 20, 2015 AT 1:15 PM


Getting ready to board. Oh no! Little Marc somehow has a
reservation for the 4:30pm flight and they want 35,000 points to
change it. Big Marc is already on board, the plane takes off in ten
minutes, and I need to figure this out quick!!!! There is NO CHANCE
of my letting him fly alone. Just as as I am getting ready to bite the
bullet and pay the points, the guy at the desk approved the change
for free, God bless this mans kindness.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 20, 2015 AT 1:51 PM


Take-off! Always the scariest part of the flight for me.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 20, 2015 AT 1:55 PM


View from the skies…God’s canvas.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 20, 2015 AT 4:41 PM


Back home after a long and wonderful weekend of baseball and
family. Had fun this weekend, enjoyed the weather, great baseball, Marc made some new friends and we met a very nice family from Kansas City. That’s what I love about these tournaments, we get to meet families from all over the country. Folks we would not have  met were it not for baseball.

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Hi I'm Mercedes! Born in Cuba, raised in Chicago, and eventually migrated to the suburbs. I've been married to Marc for 18 years and currently enjoying being a mom to our 18 year old son Marc. I enjoy reading, blogging, dancing, singing in the shower, cooking, a good glass of wine, attempting to be crafty, photography, traveling, gardening, and spending time with my family and friends.

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