Baseball Player Must-Have’s

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Player Must-Haves

Baseball Cleats:

Every player has to wear some type of cleats. The youngest divisions of youth leagues are limited to plastic cleats. Right around 13U, baseball players have the option to wear metal cleats. But leagues/tournaments vary, so make certain to always check with the coach and check what the cleat requirements are for any given tournament.


Base Layer:

Cold gear-Wear this to keep warm and dry on those cold, rainy game days.




Hot gear-Wear this to keep cool and dry on those hot and humid game days.



Sliding Pants:

Some players wear slider shorts underneath their pants for a little extra protection. If your player is anything like mine, he is sliding into the base with no thought as to beating his body is taking. So we found that padded sliding shorts with cup works best for his needs.


Protective Cup:

Provides player with the comfort and protection they need to play with confidence.


Baseball Gloves:

A good-fitting baseball glove protects a player’s hand. There are many styles of gloves, their levels of play, and their positions. There are many factors to consider when selecting a glove such as size, materials, webbing, and pocket. Leather gloves are traditionally preferred over synthetic for durability and break-in. Keep in mind, leather baseball gloves are expensive, so I recommend you base the decision on the players age and level of play. There is no need to drop a couple hundred dollars on a glove for a first year player before he/she realizes if baseball is a good fit for them.


Batting Gloves:

Players wear batting gloves to protect their hands and improve their grip. Batting gloves may be leather, synthetic, or a combination. Leather batting gloves are soft and form-fitting; synthetic ones have a tacky palm area for enhanced grip. It is all about player preference which batting glove to go with.



Good baseball sunglasses protect against ultra violet rays, should be ultra-clear, tinted to reduce glare, hold up to stress, and fit comfortably. Our family is big on Oakley sunglasses when it comes to sports, but it’s all about preference, need, and most importantly, budget.


Baseball Caps

Baseball caps protect a player’s eyes and head from the sun, and keep hair and sweat off the face. Most teams/leagues will include the caps as part of the team fees.


Baseball Helmets

Batting helmets are safety head gear designed to protect players from head injury. Most teams/leagues will include the helmets as part of the team fees.



Hope this list helps you get ready for the baseball season…good luck!

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