Breaking In A Composite Bat

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Composite baseball bats are the best performing bats. Those who use a composite are aware of the break-in period to get the bat up to it’s peak performance. Here are a few tips to get your bat in game ready shape.

Breaking in a composite baseball bat can take anywhere from 100-200 hits to get to peak performance. Hitters should be sure to hit regular baseballs off a pitching machine or pitcher at 40 MPH or faster.

While going through the 100-200 hit count, batters should rotate the bat between each swing so the bat is broken in evenly. If the batter fouls a pitch, or takes one off the handle or end of the bat, do not rotate the bat and do not count the hit as part of the 100-200 hit count.

Never hit your composite baseball bat in cold weather. Manufacturer’s recommend using composites in 70 degrees or warmer temperatures and anything lower will increase the potential to break more easily.


Another option is bat rolling. Bat rolling is a process that quickly breaks in a composite bat. The bat is placed into a “rolling machine”. The bat will fit horizontally in the machine between two rollers, compressed, and sometimes heated. The bat will then be rolled in the machine for a few minutes.


The benefit of using the bat rolling process with a machine is that your composite bat will break in faster. Bat rolling also ensures that the bat is broken in evenly. Most companies charge anywhere from $35 to $100 for this process. It’s up to you, to decide if you want to pay a company to break in a bat for you, as opposed to taking time out to do it yourself.

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