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Healthy and Fast?

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Eating On The Road

A constant dilemma moms find themselves in on game days is what to feed the family that is fast AND healthy. Many times you find yourself in the car starving, with only fast food options. Here are some suggestions on where and how to make healthier food choices when fast food is your only option. McDonald’s Salads: Take it easy on the dressing, get the grilled chicken versus the breaded chicken. Hamburger (240 calories) and […]

Packed with Protein

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If you’re like me and need to feed a family healthy AND delicious meals on a budget. you are always looking for new recipe ideas and ways to update old favorite recipes.  With my son playing sports I’m constantly looking for budget friendly, protein and carb packed meals that are quick and easy to put together, especially on game days.  A meal favorite at our house is an Egg and Chorizo Scramble. The great thing about […]