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Healthy and Fast?

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Eating On The Road

A constant dilemma moms find themselves in on game days is what to feed the family that is fast AND healthy. Many times you find yourself in the car starving, with only fast food options. Here are some suggestions on where and how to make healthier food choices when fast food is your only option. McDonald’s Salads: Take it easy on the dressing, get the grilled chicken versus the breaded chicken. Hamburger (240 calories) and […]

Food On The Go

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As my son gets older, I find myself planning dinner on the go more often. With baseball practice, basketball practice, and other evening activities throughout the year, sometimes my family can’t sit together around a table at dinnertime. Even though we can’t always be together for dinner in our own kitchen, I still like to know that we’re all eating nutritious food. I’ve come up with several meals that can be easily eaten in the […]