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Nine Seasons, a Tornado Warning or Two, and Becoming a Young Man

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While walking down the hallway, out of the corner of my eye, I notice my sons baseball cleats laying on the floor of his bedroom. Immediately I also notice his bats (that’s right, plural) sticking out from the hallway closet. As I push the bag back IN the closet I wonder to myself, “how many times have I asked him to place all of his equipment back in the closet and out of the way?” […]

Counting Down the Last Days of 2014

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SUNDAY, DECEMBER 28, 2014 AT 10:00 AM This morning started off like most mornings do at our homeā€¦lots of shouting. Shouting, because as usual our teenaged son seems to operate in only one speed most mornings, and that is slow. Once the morning chaos died down we are out the door and heading for our cars (yes it is a two car day) since Marc has three games AND a baseball camp today and I […]

I’m sorry…I’m still on Baseball Time

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I’m not sure if it happened gradually or hit me all at once. But suddenly, one day I realized I measured time according to Marc’s baseball season. That’s right, somehow, I no longer marked the passing of time by months, the seasons or the school year. So what does a year at our home look like? Well as September rolls around and everyone is thinking “back to school” I’m finally exhaling…baseball season is officially over! […]